BBQ Sauce Trio

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This combo set includes, one bottle of Steak & Brisket Sauce; one bottle of Cindy's Cin-namon Apple BBQ Sauce and one bottle of Triple C Steak Sauce. 

The Steak & Brisket BBQ Sauce is tangy, with a mustard base. It's Cin-de-licious!

Cindy's spicy blend of Old Texas Secrets, will enhance the flavor of any ranch house steak or slow smoked brisket.

The Cindy's Cin-namon Apple BBQ Sauce is sweet. For an unbelievable BBQ experience, use this sauce on Beef, Pork, Chicken or Shrimp. Besides the best ribs you'll ever taste, this sauce makes great Sloppy Joes and cream cheese appetizers. 

The Triple C Steak Sauce has a Hickory flavor heat to it. Move over A's a new steak sauce in town! Make it sizzle with a drizzle of Cin Chili's Triple C Steak Sauce. Pour it on your favorite meats and side dishes. The "Chili Queen's" Triple C Heat, sparks up any meal. CCC!


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