Pocket Size Handheld Multipurpose Nano Mist Sprayer

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Multi-purpose Nano Mist Sprayer, can be incorporated in your skincare regimen or used as a portable sanitizer on the go.

You can simply fill it up with your favorite toner or lotion diluted in mineral water and use it to moisturize your face.

Use it as a sanitizer to keep bacteria away? Simply add disinfectant and water mixed in the bottle and spray it on objects you may come across daily such as supermarket shopping cart handles, your keys, personal belongings, your bags etc. 

Product net weight:  only approximately 1.65 oz / 46g
Battery capacity: 400mAh polymer lithium battery

Charging time: about 2-3 hours
Product specification  3.94*1.46*1.46"
Package specification: 5.91*1.57*1.57"
Water tank capacity: 30ml

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