Magnetic Phone Holder (Single)

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Introducing the Smart Mount
With 360 degree rotation and a strong magnetic surface, your daily driving will not only be safer, but also a lot more convenient! Simply apply the magnetic mount to your dash, stick the accompanying metal plate to your phone or phone case, press both down firmly and you're ready to go!

No more putting your phone in your lap or on your seat, and losing it as soon as you turn around a corner. Not only is this extremely inconvenient, but it creates equally as dangerous situations! Don't hurt yourself or others because your device is not properly secured. Get the Smart Mount and never have to worry again.

Super-Strong 4-Magnet System
The super strong magnetic surface is made up of 4 smaller magnets that come together to form a strong magnetic bond so your phone will stay on the mount, even while traversing rough and rugged terrain. Better yet, the magnets do not interfere with your phone signal or battery in any way!

Not Just For Driving!
With a little bit of out-of-the-box thinking, you can also apply the Smart Mount to your daily non-driving life as well! Use it on the kitchen wall to keep recipes at hand, use it on your computer monitor at work to see messages as they come in. The possibilities are limited only to your imagination! 

Great for:
  • GPS Navigation
  • Hands-Free Phone Calls
  • Recipes in the Kitchen
  • Following How-To Videos Online
  • Dance Videos
  • Anywhere you want your device to stick!


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